Living Next Door To Gary!

Gay man poisons lesbians with slug pellet laced curryImagine living in this British neighborhood. A gay man tried to bump off his lesbian neighbors with slug pellets after he nicked their three legged cat. The neighbors had pretty much hated each others guts when Gary Stewart decided to send the girls a peace offering. Hmm, a nice Indian curry with a healthy dose of snail pellets. Simply brilliant. It is also alleged Mr Stewart kidnapped the three legged cat and dumped it 3 miles away .Bags front row at the trial. Gay man 0, lesbians 1, three legged cat 0.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Hilarious, Sore Loser, They Live Among Us !, Well I Never

4 responses to “Living Next Door To Gary!

  1. Ann

    What did they do to him lol?

  2. Perhaps he enjoyed his ‘status’ as the only gay couple in the area and felt his minority status was threatened by the arrival of a pair of lesbians

  3. Why don’t they conduct the trial in blackface?


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