Over Here Girls

Alice Springs the lesbian capital of AustraliaHot on the heals of the mythical Swedish Lesbian town rumor, Alice Springs tourism have been quick to wave their rainbow flag. Phil Walcott from Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia says Alice Springs is the lesbian capital of Australia and is a virtual “undiscovered lesbian gem”. Well then it must be! Hmm, seems the town became a haven for lesbians after the hullabaloo and protesting over Pine Gap in the 1980’s. Gives new meaning to Down Under! Quick, notify the Chinese!!!


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4 responses to “Over Here Girls

  1. Does that particular flag show up on my FLAG WIDGET?

  2. Ann

    I’m still pissed off at the whole gay thing using the rainbow as THEIR flag. We were taught that rainbows are a promise from God that he will never flood the earth again. Of course we all know now rainbows form but surely they can think up something original and leave the beautiful rainbow out of it. I might even have to take this all the way to parliament as it really pisses me off. I know they use it as a block and not the actual shape of the rainbow but it doesn’t matter. A rainbow is a rainbow. On a little car of mine I had a rainbow sticker on the back which I had to remove when homophobia was alive and well in Melbourne. I know that the stigma is nowhere near as bad but gays, leave the friggin rainbow alone.! Ya hear ?

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