Golf Handicap

Here’s the thing people, when playing golf in South Carolina try to avoid the 3m alligator that is lying in wait in that there  pond. A 71 year old man has had his arm clear bitten off after he went to retrieve a ball at the Ocean Creek Golf Course.

Psst The alligator has since been put down


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9 responses to “Golf Handicap

  1. Ann

    Loon did you see the Aussie on TV last night who just happens to have his very own croc now.? Apparently it washed into his backyard pond during the floods and now lives there. He said. “He doesn’t try to bite me arm or leg off so he’d not really vicious or nuthin” OMG scary Aussie!

  2. What was the guys score on the hole?

  3. Next time just use a new ball!

  4. Whew.. what a price to pay

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