Lobster Mornay



WTF, Lionel the lobster from Swanage harbour in Dorset had found the perfect condominium in a unexploded 270kg  World War II mine (so he thought). He had just picked out the curtains and carpet when the Royal Navy disposal experts came to evict Lionel from his home. WTF. There was no way this crustacean was giving up his humble home for those damn frogmen. Nope, they would have to take him over his dead body. WTF. The bomb squad had no choice but to blow the friggin bomb and Lionel to smithereens. Bomb Squad 1, Lionel 0.


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6 responses to “Lobster Mornay

  1. R.I.P. Lionel (sob) 😥

  2. They could have given him just a little bit more of a gap! I’m sure he would have come out at some stage for some munchies!

    But NOOOOO ….. absolute crisis that they destroy a mine that’s been lying there for 60 damn years without blowing up!

    It’s not exactly like the mine had a mind of it’s own : “Haha now you’ve found me I’m going to explode” 🙄

    Poor Lionel! (P.S. I’ve never eaten lobster)

  3. Another victim of the financial crisis evicted from his home. Good luck on collecting any mortgage payments due.

  4. So sad! So sad! But on the bright side, maybe Lionel will be chosen to be this year’s PETA Poster Child.

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