Holy Cow Abduction Batman!

OMG, another cow has been abducted by an aliens. It’s true, I swear. There’s a photo. OK, it’s grainy but you can see the cow and the UFO. The photo was shot by a couple in Argentina. Hmm, maybe those aliens are thinking of starting up their own Maccas franchise in space? Come on people would that lady lie? She doesn’t look like she can use photoshop! And not a word from you Bearman! Last year the world was abuzz with video footage of a cow being beamed up in broad daylight! Everybody panic!!!!

The latest abduction

Last years abduction


Filed under Evolution Be Damned!, Friggin Awesome, Friggin Scary, Join the skeptic club!

4 responses to “Holy Cow Abduction Batman!

  1. Ann

    And I thought pigs could fly!

  2. griffin

    Man, what some folks won’t do for some barbeque!

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