Shouldn’t It Have A Warning Label?

An art student loses 8 fingers Step away from the plaster of Paris people, it can be friggin dangerous. A 19 year old art student lost 8 fingers after she plonked her hands in the plaster. Evidently when plaster of Paris sets, it heats from the inside out. Her hands were exposed to heat of up to 60C after she mistakenly put her hands in the plaster instead of wet clay . The class and teacher were horrified when the liquid quickly set around her skin and began burning. Despite a frantic attempt to hack off the plaster with hammers it was only when in hospital that doctors, using a pneumatic drill, were they able to free her. By then, however her hands were badly burned. Hell yes she is suing!


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4 responses to “Shouldn’t It Have A Warning Label?

  1. Tell her to wear her gloves next time …. oh, bit late for that now, mittens?

  2. Okay I warned the wife about this being that she is into arts and crafts… Loon, you may have saved her fingers… and I could be one step closer to getting into the sack with her again…

  3. I’m not an art student and I knew that. Sounds like it needs to be added to their orientation packet …

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