15 responses to “Friggin Fake Flakes

  1. Lynn

    that ought to punch up the price!!

  2. Can they laser my tongue with the logo?

  3. Hmm, will it change the taste of the flakes? It better not be friggin toxic either!

  4. Great, now cereal comes with DRM too.

  5. Ann

    Aldi cornflakes are fine and cost $1.99 . Kellogs are about $4.57.I shop in Safeway, Aldi and our market for fish, chicken and meat. Some name brands are such a rip off and other brands are just as good. For ages I tried alternatives to Heinz baked brands as I reckon they’re the best but I found one in Aldi and it’s just as good with bacon, eggs and French toast. They can laser everyone of the flakes if they like but the price will always dictate what is purchased when large families are buying..

  6. jammer5

    They’re also using nano-technology to implant chips in the flakes that go directly to the brain, infiltrate the cereal portion of the cerebellum and programs the brain so all you ever want is Kelloggs frosted flakes . . . and Prongy beer 75%.

  7. Oh what next!

    There’s a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Product Review on my blog 🙂

    Review Princess.

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