America’s Next Fat Model

Ralph Lauren model sacked because she was too fat

What is she doing on Biggest Loser?

Bummer. Swedish-French model Filippa Hamilton who is 5’10”, weighs 120 pounds, and wears a size 4 says she has been given her marching orders by Ralph Lauren because…wait for it…she is too fat! Geez, Ralph would really hate me, I don’t think I could get a size 4 over my head! Hmm, maybe if I wear it as a hat and scrunched it up..but anywho I digress. Ooh and poor Filippa got dissed via a letter which read in part “We’re terminating your services because you don’t fit into the sample clothes that you need to wear.” This is the same girl who raised eyebrows after appearing in a controversial ad where her head was bigger than her hips! Photoshopping disaster! Ralph Lauren are denying her sacking had anything to do with her weight. Honey, come and sit on the couch with us and make fun of all the skinny girls. Can someone pass me the pizza!

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