Mothers Worst Nightmare!

Attention mothers, note how easy it is for a baby in a pram to roll off a platform and be hit by an oncoming train as it comes into the station. The mother, who appears to be pulling up her pants, lets go for just a second and bam! Frightening. OK, don’t panic loons, the child miraculously escaped without injury. Hmm, but mother maybe in therapy for quite some time!


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6 responses to “Mothers Worst Nightmare!

  1. Ann

    Prams have brakes, she should try using them. On the news it said she was pulling up her pants WTF? What is it with parents these days? We are there to PROTECT !!!! our kids. Excuse me madam but your pram is under the train !!!! Miraculously the child suffered only minor injuries, the mum might need some lessons in how to AFTER your infant son. The thing is it will be classed as just another accident. 24/7 raising kids 24/7. The baby could have dies due to neglect by the very person who is supposed to be looking after it. My blood boils when it comes to kids getting a raw deal.

  2. Ann

    Gees, that’s dreadful. How’s this? My sister in law’s friend’s little boy fell off tehe first floor balcony while mum was watching TV. He died and she got ‘NOTHING” Accident WTF. Someone dies and nobody is responsible. What kind of world are we living in?

    • That’s really bad. Speaking of which, how’s Mr Westgate Bridge’s trial going??? He’ll probably get off too! There have been several cases recently of women killing their kids here and all have gotten off.
      I remember reading about Eric Clapton’s boy falling off the balcony and dying. A few days later he received a card in the mail, it was written by his son 😦 sad!

  3. Ann

    The papers have been quiet and so has the news. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything . I ‘m now hanging out to see what the terrorists are going to get. They said on TV tonight it could be life !!!! The relos didn’t look too happy I can assure you. Pushed the cameraman out of the way. Oh dear .

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