Drum Roll Please

Elderly man shoots son because he wouldnt stop drummingAn 83 year old Texan man opened fire on his 50 year old son because he refused to stop drumming. Boom, Boom!

Psst The son only received a graze to the head. Hmm, seems daddy ain’t good at shooting either!


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23 responses to “Drum Roll Please

  1. Ann

    He was probably as annoying as Tillie. She’s lucky I don’t have a gun!!

      • Ann

        Shit why didn’t I think of that?
        After three attempts at the fish pond yesterday she was filthy so I got a bottle of shampoo and the hose and she was not a happy doggie. I see peace and tranquility reigns in the garden the morning. She HATES being hosed so instead of the taser, I’m the hoser. Monica (the Austrian friend) came over with 6 punnets of flowers to cheer me up as I love the garden. She could hear in my voice murder was lurking in the background. Deep breaths again . I’ll put then out the front around the toperie roses.

  2. That seems like an appropriate response.

  3. Tell him to move the drums to the garage like all the other kids.

  4. Ted Nugent wouda brougt th kid down in one shot.

  5. Julie

    I’ve been singing all night … and there’s some that wanted to shoot me too 😀

  6. Julie

    OK, can I do it?

  7. Julie

    10 to go …..

  8. Julie

    And there ya go folks ….. an entire row of SA Bokkies …… BEAT THAT Loon 😀

  9. I’m just re-loading 🙂

  10. jammer5

    I’d a sent him to Rio.

  11. Tell me Clarice, do the snares still rat-a-muh-que?

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