More Reasons Not To Fly

No need for alarm but has anyone seen a wee tarantula?

No need for alarm but has anyone seen a wee tarantula?

OMG, what is going on people?  A British Airways flight was cancelled after a passenger spied a tarantula crawling between his legs and in New York a mouse grounded a flight at JKF after messing with the pilot. Has the world gone friggin mad? The British Airways flight had just landed in Edinburgh when the man raised the alarm after some big, hairy 8 legged creature  wandered up his leg. A specialist fumigator (is there such a beast?) was sent in for the kill. Meanwhile across the Atlantic a mouse was behind the delay of a Delta Airline plane headed to Heathrow . Seems the pilot refused to take off  due to fears the little bugger could have bitten through wiring. Passengers had to wait three hours for a rodent free plane to arrive. Can I have the window seat?


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14 responses to “More Reasons Not To Fly

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    That’s nothing. I read an article once about a plane that was grounded do to an “Mysterious Odor” that ended up being nothing more than farts. This dude’s gas grounded a plane for THREE HOURS. Mice and spiders have nothing on noxious human gas.

  2. tarantula ? 🙄

    Cheeky buggers !

    That ‘big, hairy 8 legged creature’ was my friggin sporran – I wondered where I’d left it 😉

  3. Whew! had me worried that the next craze would be insect and mouse suicide bombers… maybe next year.!!!

  4. Ahh, I feel better now… no need to worry about losing a finger or gonad via insect bomber… Off to the bar to have another Lime twisted Gin… yum… yum… I’m experimenting tonight with minutemaid lemonaide, a shot of lemon juice and Lime Twisted Gin… I think I like it…

    • Rum and Fanta is worth a try and if you want to be really experimental Beer and Coke (diesel)!!!
      When I was in Atlanta I had a crushed mint, gin and lime (with crushed ice). Hmm, what’s the time?

  5. approved… One hour then… I’ll drink one for you now…

  6. On a final note from me this evening and your morning… I had a super dinner this evening with a friend… Steamed Oysters on the half shell with a slice of Jalapeno pepper and melted cheddar cheese. A Damn fine dinner… Highly recommend it…

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