If you are going to make your coffee naked in the small wee hours of the morning in Springfield, Virginia make sure your curtains are closed otherwise you might get yourself slapped with an indecent exposure charge and face a year in jail. A woman and 7 year old boy, who happened to be walking outside Eric Williamson’s house at the same time he was making his brew starkers, we so horrified at what they saw they called police. Bippity, boppity boo, he was taken away in handcuffs. Geez, at least it wasn’t a long black!

Psst Isn’t that where the Simpsons live? That woman didn’t happen to have blue hair? Doh!


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15 responses to “Mocha!

  1. What loony…you didn’t catch that the trial lawyer they interviewed was named DICKson. I am embarrassed at your lack of attention to detail.

    If you werent’ worried about headers, you might have noticed it. Plus why in the beginning of the story is Anderson Cooper on the TV in the background (on a fox news broadcast)?

  2. Kelly

    Stated: “the woman and her son CUT THROUGH his yard”. From the footage that the camera showed, she had no business being on his property… and she never would have seen what she saw. I cannot believe this happened to this guy. I’m very skeptical of “what people do to attract attention” yet say they don’t, but in this case, the guy is the only one that got the shaft. He is Exploited world-wide because of this woman trespassing.

    • And lets not forget his shaft got shafted too!!! I agree it’s a world gone friggin mad! They wouldn’t want to cut through my property on a good day 🙂 . That would give them something to cry about!!!

  3. I have a great deal of sympathy for the woman confronted by this exhibitionist. I know exactly how she feels !

    My neighbour across the street parades around her living room completely naked except for a pair of black thigh length boots.

    Regular as clockwork, at 3.27 each morning, I can see her quite clearly when I climb on top of the wardrobe in our spare room with my binoculars.

    I am seriously thinking of reporting her to the authorities.

    This morning I tried remonstrating with her – discreetly

    I phoned her and put a cloth over my mouth to disguise my voice –

    ‘Ring, ring’

    Her – Hello
    Me – Tart !
    Her – Hello
    Me – Whore!
    Her – Excuse me, who is this?
    Me – Hussy!
    Her – Pardon
    Me – Jezebel !
    Her – Duncs, is that you ?
    Me –
    Her – you on top of that wardrobe again, Dunc
    Me – 😳

    Hung up phone!

    • Blahahahaha 🙂 . Everytime I film in Europe I come across a naked guy in a window somewhere. It has long been a running joke. Anywho, we were filming in Rome and the cameraman and his brother lightheartedly said “Hey Loon, expect to see a naked guy this time huh?”
      Sure enough we arrive at our hotel and I say “Hey guys, check this out”. There in the window across from my room, naked guy shaving in a window!
      Next morning Simon and his brother are happily giggling because they had filmed a naked women (well except for black knickers) from their bedroom window. Anywho, we went and watched the video on our monitors. I burst out laughing, “boys those aren’t black undies, she is totally naked!” Gross!

  4. Ann

    I walk through my place every morning like that and I have a huge brick fence there to stop would be pervs but if they choose to climb on the fence they may need years of therapy to overcome their fears.

  5. Well if anyone wants to ‘cut across my yard’ and see me parading around the house in my birthday suit, they’re welcome – I’d give them a medal for achieving it!

    First they’d have to scale a 6 foot wall armed with side-cutters to cut the razor wire, then they’d have to hoof it across a very large yard with a HUGE billy goat in pursuit of their arse, then scale another 6 foot wall with a sausage dog taking chunks out of their ankles and a boerboel going for their throat, only to be met on the other side by a white devil – my precious little maltese ….. if they manage to achieve all of this, they can then peep through my kitchen window …. whereupon either one of the parrots will screech at them “what the fuck are you doing?” … so …. any takers? 😀

    • Carefully Julie, Frank might be interested. Nobbly couldn’t get over the wall, oh unless he stood on his wallet, but he would never leave it behind! Duncan?Well he has to get permission from wifey. And Bearman wants to know if it is worth it first 🙂

  6. I’ll contribute to his trial fund

  7. jammer5

    Anyone climbing to the roof of the Ramada inn, 2.7 miles due west, and set up a telescope with a minimum of a 4″mirror, can see my butt crack at 7:45 am every morning, as I bend over to fill my coffee pot.

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