Grease Is The Word!

Thief caught trying to defecate in drum of greaseIf you know of a bald, clumsy guy covered in grease you might want to give the police a buzz. When staff arrived at the Palumbo’s Pizzeria in  Stroudsburg  after a robbery, they raced to the security camera to check the video. This is what they found. An extremely clumsy bald dude trying to poop shit defecate in a 50 gallon drum of grease when it topples over. He then slips away. Hmm, I hope he wiped his butt first!

Psst Thank goodness it tipped over or those pizzas would be damn gross!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Evolution Be Damned!, Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Gross

6 responses to “Grease Is The Word!

  1. Yum… that’s giving me a hankerin’ for pizza for sure!

  2. Hey Loon, I went to Mark Riley Media and found a blank page. Wassup wit dat?

  3. Grease? Pizzas? I don’t use grease when making pizzas? Must be kinky ones.

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