Boo Hoo!

Most haunted village in Britain cancels HalloweenWhen you are the most haunted village in the country it isn’t surprising the locals loath Halloween! Pluckley residents, who boast over 12 spooks, including a highwayman, ghost in a pub, a phantom monk and a hanging school master, are so tired of people invading their town and wreaking havoc during Halloween they are banning it . Move on people, nothing to see here. Talk about a dissing “There will be no barbecue, no hog roast, no beer tent, no fun fair and there will be no ghost tours. In fact, unless you are coming for a quiet drink, may we suggest you visit one of the many other attractions in Kent for Halloween.” Evidently Pluckley gets invaded by hundreds of Halloweeners each year and they are scarier than their ghosts!

Psst Don’t believe me? Check out the Pluckley Website.


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5 responses to “Boo Hoo!

  1. Uh-oh. This reminds me of an old Halloween special where the town elders decided to ban Halloween, which caused them to be in violation of an ancient agreement with the monsters and let them wreak havoc throughout the year afterwards.

    But I’m sure that won’t happen here.

  2. Casper’s gonna rip em a new graveyard.

  3. But I’m sure they like taking the money all of the Halloweeners bring in!

    Halloweenies? Hmmm. I’ll get back to you.

  4. Ann

    Maybe Lady Catherine will be joining them. Boo!

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