You Won’t See This On Disney!

Warning people, this is seriously scary. A friggin snake regurgitates a hippo. Come on, would I friggin lie to you about something like that? No seriously, I warn you, don’t click that friggin play button!


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19 responses to “You Won’t See This On Disney!

  1. 😯 There was no carrots?

  2. Righto – take your word for it.

    (Am just about to eat breakfast)

    Will play this clip later – maybe 😆

    If I can be arsed 😉

  3. Ann

    Whoopsie Daisy dead as..

  4. That’s just imhippopotamusible!! (Hey, I just invented another word. Who can forget that famous plural ‘penii’!! You can? OK.

  5. Henrietta Hippo!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Holy shit, Loon, I’m seriously impressed… Excellent video…

  7. Lynn

    are you shittin’ me?!! holy crap loon, that was the most riveting flick i’ve seen in months!! get out!!

  8. hmmm… thinking deeps thoughts are we now? Are Hippos well endowed? I’m off to google now…

  9. Special report…….. Hippo sex organs, Hippo dicks, Hippo cocks… none of these are in the top 100 searches on google or yahoo! I’m just saying…

  10. those guys watching weren’t very helpful midwives were they?

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