One Of Life’s Little Lessons

A word of warning to all dumbassed purse snatchers, don’t mess with Japanese women in lifts! That’s gotta hurt! She’s definitely taken the train molester course.


Filed under Friggin Awesome, Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Hilarious, Friggin Japan, You Go Girl!

9 responses to “One Of Life’s Little Lessons

  1. Ann

    Bloody hell how good is she?

  2. Shit! I hope she stomped on his nose after she’d turfed him over her shoulder! Damn brilliant I say! That’ll teach the little dweeb to pick on women! 😆

  3. That will teach him to mess with Saya the vampire hunter …

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    This has to be fabricated. But still, that was one stellar suplex.

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