Another Black Panther Sighting

Black panther, luxemburg

Come on, this hide and seek is getting boring!

Seems our mysterious black panther is on holidays. The latest panther sighting was in Bascharage, Luxemburg, this week by a woman out walking. Hmm, maybe it was looking for tax free liquor? The slippery little beast was seen a few months back in the Ardennes region near Belgium by a group of hikers.The tracks found at the site suggested it was  a very, very large cat. Prior to that, the black panther was seen roaming around in France, England and  Australia. That puddy cat sure gets around!


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3 responses to “Another Black Panther Sighting

  1. Ann

    Were the photos of this puddy cat all grainy too? lol

  2. I tawt I taw a puddy tat *hic*

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