Man Kicks The Bucket

Man innocent of kicking neighbors bucketOh for goodness sakes people! A Polish man has finally cleared his name after a neighbor accused him of kicking her bucket. Yes, that’s right, he kicked her friggin £3 bucket so hard it landed in the bushes! After the kick Alicja Tomankiewicz was so pissed with Waldemar Wilk she took him to court! Mr Wilk thought video footage of Ms Tomankiewicz using the bucket after the incident was proof enough he did no harm to her friggin bucket. But alas they couldn’t prove the footage was taken before or after the kick, so they brought in an expert to see if kicking a bucket really hard could damage it! OMG, get a life people! Anywho, poor old Wilk was found guilty! It was only after his appeal did the court finally drop all charges.

Psst The case dragged on for 18 months, lucky he didn’t really kick the bucket!


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5 responses to “Man Kicks The Bucket

  1. Lynn

    so barbaric..shame.

  2. jammer5

    Shoulda kicked Immadinnerjacket Alicja Tomankiewicz.

  3. Where’s that damn bucket, I’ll kick the shit out of it… or whatever is in it…

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