Will the Real Kim Jong Il Please Sit Down

Kim Jong Il is an imposter

Can you spot the imposter?

Is the real Kim Jong  ill? The Japanese rumor mill has been running hot with whispers that  the real Kim Jong Il is either gravely ill or dead and that an impostor has taken his place. OK,  we’ve heard it all before  but now the Japanese are stepping up their claims saying that the photo ops with Bill Clinton was with a fake. WTF is Dear Leader messing with us?


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3 responses to “Will the Real Kim Jong Il Please Sit Down

  1. Ann

    The one on the right is way better looking, much more natural ! lol

  2. Ha…you have to read today’s post on my site. I swear I wrote it before I came over here. Even though it was a homage to you.

  3. Susi Spice

    Kim Jon Il “aww friggin loon stop breaking ma balls… just a wittle to da left…a wittle more..”
    (team america if anyone doesnt get it)

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