She’s Just Not Into You!

Woman randomly kicking men in the testicles

She's nuts!

Testicle warning for men walking in Langley,Canada,  there is a woman on the lose randomly kicking men in the balls! No seriously, she is just some random that comes up to men in the street and kaboom, a foot straight to the groin. Anthony Clark lost one of his testicles after encountering her on the sidewalk. She kicked him so hard it sent one of his balls up into his abdomen. Doctors later confirmed it was ruptured and it had to be removed. But not to worry, he will be getting a prosthetic replacement by Christmas. Police say there have been up to 4 reported cases of men being kicked by this woman.


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6 responses to “She’s Just Not Into You!

  1. Ann

    A woman scorned!! Prosthetic balls, what next?

  2. For Sale, Gonad/Huevo/Ball/Scrotum protector… Only used once… Stop angry women from hurting the family jewels… Only $29.99, available on Ebay…

    • Hmm, I wonder how much a Gonad/Huevo/Ball/Scrotum protector would hurt being extracted from the abdomen. The women can kick really, really hard! She’s a bitch Frank, ain’t no scrotum guard gonna protect you!

  3. Noun 1. ball-breaker – a demanding woman who destroys men’s confidence

    Jeez, think they need to update that definition !!!

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