There’s A Bear In There

Militants mauled to death by bears

My Bad?

OMG, being a Hizbul Mujahideen militant can sometimes be a bitch, especially if you hide in a cave frequented by friggin bears. Hmm, seems two commanders decided to make there hide-out in a cave in Darwal Nar in Pir Panjal. What they didn’t know was it was already being occupied by some very nasty bears who didn’t take too kindly to terrorists. Needless to say the militants were mauled to death before they could so much as mutter WTF!

Psst The real bummer was their bodies were discovered next to two Ak 47 rifles and some ammunition. See, told you it can be a bitch!


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11 responses to “There’s A Bear In There

  1. “Quick, Sajid – We’ll be safe in here…

    Well, if it wasn’t your stomach rumbling then what was it?”

  2. Bears – helping to maintain a civilized modern world… Go Bears…

  3. They obviously missed the first part of the phrase, “…nothing that a ROOFTOP and and AK47 won’t take care of…”

  4. susispice

    LOL @ nobblysan u are on a roll! lol “well if it wasnt ur stomach rumbling..”

  5. Maybe America should buy themselves a shit load of bears? Weapons of mass destruction!

  6. Famous last words:
    “It smells like bear-poop in here, Abdullah, did you fart?”

  7. jammer5

    I told ya Limbaugh was right. Dem bears act like bloods and crips. They even collect automatic weapons. And the don’t want Rush buying a team. WTF!!

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