If You Can’t Bet Them, Join Them

200 Avon and Somerset pensioners arrested in the last two years

My Bad?

Brilliant, more than 200 pensioners have been arrested by the Avon and Somerset Police in the last two years. The eldest being a 99 year old burglar followed closely behind by a 92 year old drunk driver! Among the crimes they have alleged to have committed,  being drunk and disorderly in public, loan sharking, causing grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to murder. Not bad granny and gramps!


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6 responses to “If You Can’t Bet Them, Join Them

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    “causing grievous bodily harm”

    Details are necessary for this one…

    “Grievous bodily harm means “really serious bodily harm’ ”

    Then why didn’t they just say serious bodily harm. Law and over-complicating things makes me sad-cakes.

  2. Ann

    I’m half their age and can’t be bothered with all that stuff. You got to hand it to them, old buggers! lol. I wish I had their energy.

  3. Ann

    Snuggies are officially out in Melbourne as pf today as the temperature is soaring and it’s 30 today and hotter tomorrow. I helped my daughter with her garage sale today and I think I spend more on food and drink than I made lol. So we all had a great day offloading our junk.Monica (the Austrian) comes and takes most of my stuff as she is a classic hoarder. She loves having loads of crap around her and I’m minimalist !
    Still I’m happy if she’s happy and anything to keep an Austrian happy.

    • Oh well done Ann. I friggin hate garage sales. As you know last week my friends had one and guess what? About 7.30 that night a creepy guy knocked on their door and asked how much they had made!!!! If it wasn’t for the fact there were heaps of people at home it could have got ugly. They are now terrified they are going to get burgled as they think some of the people were staking the house rather than looking at crap ! Argh!!!!

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