Color Me Skeptical

A group of psychics get it wrongWell, well, well when a group of psychics get involved in a police investigation it can only lead to trouble. Carlos Assaf, a local baker from who was hooked on amphetamines  hanged himself after apparently having a tiff with his girlfriend. Initial investigation by Manchester police also suggested suicide. Hmm, that was until a group of psychics threw a spanner into the works. They claim a spirit told them Mr Assaf had been murdered after being forced to drink petrol and bleach. Oh it gets better. They also told police they saw “a lion, a horse and the name Tony Fox in their visions”. A few weeks and £20,000 later they found no lion or horse but did find a criminal called Tony Fox who was like, WTF. When they finally got around to doing a second postmortem they found no evidence of bleach or petrol. Hmm, really? Guess they ain’t no Allison DuBois (more like Patricia Arquette) or the ghost of Carlos Assaf was messing with them!

Psst You’d  think they would have done the second postmortem first!


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4 responses to “Color Me Skeptical

  1. jammer5

    Well, of course, the psychics were wrong: they were seancing the wrong dude. Had police given them the correct name, Ramos Assaf, a local nude dancer, they would have got it correct. Ramos had an affair with Tony Fox, who did it, for money only, to pay off a bet he had with a local bleach salesman. Tony thought Ramos sold him out on youtube, and force fed him some bleach he got at discount from the salesman, and also poured a gallon of petrol down Ramos’s throat in the hopes he was good for one more ride. He wasn’t.

  2. Ann

    Lol what a friggin imagination you have jammers!

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