The Gay KKK

Jammers, you just crack me up. For all the loons who missed this in the comments section, here is a re-run. Very funny! I hope the KKK choke on their cheerios!

Psst Me thinks he left his red socks in the wash!


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6 responses to “The Gay KKK

  1. Ann

    Or anothrr M & M outfit lol

  2. Can’t we just call it the “Gay-KK”?

    • Trust me Dennis once the gays got hold of the KKK the sheets would go, along with the bigotry and the lynching. Oh and I wouldn’t be surprise if there was a name change too 🙂

  3. jammer5

    I wonder it they do, like, bar mitzvuhs?

  4. Mmmm… He’s such a sweetie isn’t he? I do like his doorside manner, so very polite & inoffensive. Much nicer than burning down their house.

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