Woman Forced To Wear Adult Diapers

Woman sues for having to wear adult diapersOMG a woman in Pennsylvania has been awarded $150,000 in a discrimination suit because she was forced to wear diapers ( nope, she wasn’t a NASA astronaut!) due to lack of toilets. Lisa Drozdowski was working for Danella Construction Corp as a flagger but was denied  a portable toilet. Instead she had to resort to wearing adult diapers because the nearest toilet was friggin miles away and by the time she got there she had usually pissed herself. After she complained about the situation the company stopped giving her anymore laborers positions. Ms Drozdowski will share the payout with four other female employees who were all in the same boat.


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5 responses to “Woman Forced To Wear Adult Diapers

  1. Lynn

    they’d have had to cough up more than 150 grand for my dignity, that’s assuming i didnt tell them to shove it! cant believe these women actually did it.

  2. Josh Buck

    That is bullshit. She was never forced, she CHOSE to wear them cause she pisses herself before she can find a bathroom. Thats not being forced.. Also, if shes’ complaining about working there and the employer doesn’t let her work there anymore, thats not discrimination. Thats her choosing her fate and being a crybaby.. Go home lady and let your mom change your diapers for you.

    • Well you tell her Josh. I was thinking she could have just gone where the men went, behind a tree or something. Aren’t there heaps of jobs where you are far away from toilets, like farming, road works, crosswalk attendant. See Josh, this is why we have high premiums, pay higher taxes and bosses won’t hire woman who refuse o voluntarily wear adult diapers. Geez!

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