Beached Whale

I was checking out Baring My Heart blog and saw this little Youtube clip which just about made me choke on my Cab Sav so I nicked it. Sorry


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8 responses to “Beached Whale

  1. I think I need subtitles on this one …

  2. Ann

    Loon have you ever watch Highway Patrol from New Zuland? I’m sure my relis are on it every week. You just never know when they might pop up, eh bru? I try not to talk about them too much. Cousin Vivian is married to , that’s right you guessed it, a full blooded Maori called right, you guessed it again, Jim. All black fellas have a Jim in there.somewhere. Be they Aboriginal or Maori.
    Last year she took Jim to Scotland to meet the white relis in Ayrshire where we lived. I wonder how they got on with the two accents. Viv was born in Wellington so no ‘hunt’ of a Scottish accent to be heard, not even an “Och Aye” . Would love to have been a fly on the wall as my relis don’t do colour or religion too well. If you’re not white and Protestant it could be a problem. Eh bru? I remember mum’s sister, Mrs Bucket ll, was mortified to learn that my kids went to Catholic schools. Shock horror , the very thought of it! Duncan can vouch for that unless of course he’s Catholic. Lol. When I was there my fundamentalist Protestant grandparents would never attend a Catholic wedding lol. My dad was Catholic and mum and the rest of us Protestants and my gran wouldn’t let my mum be married in the chapel, heaven forbid so they had a service in one of the local hotels. Thank God times have changed.

  3. I love those videos. Thanks for linking me 😀

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