Buffed and Polished

Naked men arrested in carwash

Has anyone got a towel?

OK, here’s the thing naked young men cooling off in a carwash, there are some pretty high pressured cleaners in there! Four young dudes, paid their $17 before stripping off and running around inside a carwash in central Queensland. Their fun came to a grinding halt after cops, cruising the area, spotted them. A service station attentant said the sprayers “could’ve blown their eyes out of their sockets” not to mention remove their friggin skin. Oh well, they’ll have to scrub up for a court appearance now, public nuisance and wilful exposure doesn’t look good on anyone’s resume!

Psst I hope they cleaned under the mud flaps!


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10 responses to “Buffed and Polished

  1. First off … you wouldn’t catch me running around naked with other dudes.

    Second … if a pressure washer removes paint, what the hell does one think it does to skin?

    BTW: Dr. Dave here; new name, same snark.

  2. Dr Dave I knew it was you 🙂 nothing ever changes except gravatars !

  3. Lynn

    dumb-assed kids!

  4. Ornery Frank

    Some people are dumber than cats!!!

  5. Ann

    That’s just it ~ NAKED YOUNG MEN ~ you don’t catch women doing stuff like that now do you?

  6. there are better alternatives if you want a blow job

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