Lucky Landing

Three year old falls out of window while looking at fishCahill Parrish-Wood, like any three year old boy, was determined to watch the fish in a pond outside the kitchen window of his two storey home. So he made himself some stairs out of drawers and climbed on top to check them out. Only problem was he fell out the window. Whoops. Yes, despite falling 4m and landing on the solid concrete floor below, narrowly missing a glass table and 5ft ceramic pot, he managed only a little bruising to his hip and a “tiny bit of damage to his spleen”. Ta-da! When asked what the heck happened he told his dad “I went to look at the fish and I fell out the window. I was flying. I didn’t fall backwards.”


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9 responses to “Lucky Landing

  1. Tiny damage to his spleen. I thought spleen damage was serious stuff. One of my stepsons had a tiny bit of damage to his & the surgeon reckoned it would heal itself. It didn’t & he had to have a complete spleenectomy

    • What the hell does a spleen do? A spleenectomy sounds harsh!

      • Ann

        I think it also filters bacteria in the blood but noy sure. Have to google it. A friend of mine was being a tight arse and refused to call someone to chop a branch of a rather tall tree.He thought he could manage it. Wrong!!! He toppled out of the tree, Speenectomy followed and on antibiotics for life. MEN!!!

  2. OMG … this sounds just like something MudBaby would do 😳 …. how long until they’re self-sufficient?

    He was chatting to his little buddy over the wall the other day ….. yeah that’s cool! NOPE, it wasn’t frigging cool … he’d perched a couple of chairs one on top of the other, because he couldn’t see over the 6 ft wall topped with razor wire ….. of COURSE the inevitable happened, the whole little pile came tumbling down …. broken chairs, bashed head and a couple of neat little incisions from the razor wire. Just another day in the life of MudBaby 🙄

  3. This must be some new definition of “flying” that I’m not familiar with …

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