Don’t Try This

Man tells 911 he killed someone to get police quickerOh for goodness sakes will you dumbasses stop ringing 911. Latest loser Mark Anthony Johnson rang the dispatcher saying he had just murdered someone and was still armed. Police responded with a “Code 3” (that’s tech talk for full speed with lights and sirens blazing) only to find Mr Johnson home alone. Evidently he had been assaulted earlier in the day and thought if he made up a murder scenerio the police would get there quicker. He was right.


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3 responses to “Don’t Try This

  1. and then he was assaulted again.

  2. Ann

    Good forhim, that got there butts into gear. Lol.

    • Someone did that here. Some guy came home and his house was being burgled, rings the police who tell him it isn’t high priority. He waits a few minutes then rings back saying there has been a murder. Cops come flying from everywhere, he gets charged, the burglar gets charged…everybody’s happy!

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