The Tron Guy

WTF? Lol! Blahahahahah.OMG.GTFOOH.I think I just wet my pants!


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14 responses to “The Tron Guy

  1. Okay, my latest blog,, in no way included this dude, unless he can generate lottsa watts with his nerdiness suit.

  2. He must belong to someone!

    • I’ll sell him to you for $29.95. And if you buy within the next twenty minutes, you get a free neck slimmer ( just pay $19.95 s&h)

      Guys are going to want their wives working out on it 23/7.

  3. Ann

    Loon you certainly are introducing us to a whole new range of clothing today.
    Must get me that hat!

    • Got a blue texta and an old ice cream container Ann? You can make it yourself.

      • Ann

        Oh God I have one in the fridge but it’s blue. Lol Why oh why do people do this to themselves? I have the cringe factor happening right now. I hope his mum doesn’t see it cause she’ll have the cringe factor happening too. ” I DON”T KNOW THAT MAN, NEVER SEEM HIM IN MY LIFE “

  4. Susi Spice

    the world had megatron… but now we have MEGANERDATRON MAN… he jumps, he jogs, he doesn’t stop talkin and as he forever “he will never be a nobody again”.. at cinemas Christmas.

  5. I will second your WTF. Where’s Cindy Morgan when you need her?

  6. I couldn’t even watch until the end …. screeching your lungs out when you’re at work does not give you points for Christmas bonus time.

    Third WTF? This dude would be an excellent subject for students …. psychiatry students …

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