Did I hear Something?

German thief steals van with circus lion in the backHmm, next time you decide to steal a van in Germany, just check to make sure there isn’t a friggin circus lion in the back, it could end in tears. Circus Probst’s ferocious five-year-old feline Caesar was lying in the back of a Mercedes van when a thief saw an opportunity and went for it.  Hmm, when the van was discovered later that night, abandoned with the engine still running  next to a broken road sign it was assumed he heard the roar (oh, fly on that wall). Even funnier, when the van was towed away no one knew Caesar was even in the back . Circus lion 1, reformed car thief 0.


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4 responses to “Did I hear Something?

  1. Ann

    I am lion here me roar
    I’m just too big to ignore
    and I know to much to go back to that pen again.
    I’ve heared it all before
    as I been banging on this door
    And no ones gonna keep me penned again.
    (sorry couldn’t resist)

    In Germany you say, hmm, this was a job for Inspector Rex

  2. Did he leave any DNA on the seat???

  3. Ann

    Lol probably and half way up the street. You can just imagine the scenario.

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