Sack the Marketing Guy

Hmm, I was in the supermarket the other day when a little girl pointed at a packet of lollipops on the shelf and said, “Geez that’s bad advertising”. Of course I had to look and silently grinned to myself thinking, “sheez, she’s friggin right”!

Starburst Sucks


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9 responses to “Sack the Marketing Guy

  1. jammer5

    Folks, this is a perfect example of why advertising execs should not do drugs.

  2. I think it’s kind of catchy..

  3. CatGod

    Ingenious really, because I’m going to buy a bag today… no, not weed Lynn, but a bag of Starburst Sucks.

  4. Ann

    Loon you didn’t? LOL this doesn’t look like a googled picture so did you ?,,, no you wouldn’t, oh yes you would, you took this photo in the supermarket lol.

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