A Very Slow Reader

Books returned to library after being overdue for 50 years

We've got friggin 10 revised additions since then!

Here’s the thing, anonymous person who has kept overdue books for 50 years, your excuse is lame. The Camelback High School in Phoenix received two overdue books from a former student who had checked them out in 1959 but never bothered to return them. Along with the books was a $1,000 money order for all the friggin fines. OK, wait for it, here’s the excuse, the kid’s family moved to another state and the books were packed. Hmm, like 50 years later you decide to unpack them?

Psst Geez, you’d have thought they would have named the friggin books.That is going to annoy me now!


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3 responses to “A Very Slow Reader

  1. Ann

    Yeah we need to know too just in case we ever want to read them. Jan did that and I think the only time he ever borrowed from a library he didn’t take them back.
    It was book on the Russian Revolution. I found it in a drawer in his office so I returned it about 18 months later. Life time ban I think !

  2. Susi Spice

    i have an expensive bad habit that i need to break… i keep overnight DVDs for longer than one night… i dont know why i do it to myself..and i think I am the reason why my local video ezy has now put in place a policy where you cant borrow DVD’s unless you pay your overdue fines… that reminds me..i have to return Angels and Demons..i forgot it was due back yesterday…

  3. I like this story – someone had a prick of the conscience didn’t they? The cheque was a nice addition, as a library fan I’m all in favour of them receiving money to spend on new resources.

    strangely enough, a book was returned to us in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It had the gimcrack library stamped on it so it was definitely one of ours. But I’ve worked here for 8 years and it hadn’t been borrowed during my tenure. Came back anonymously too.

    Want to know what it was? A children’s book on how to draw dogs!

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