Cat Takes Family Hostage

Mother and son, Rosa Davila and Victor Marte are lucky to be alive after their 16lb Russian Blue cat Carmen went friggin ballistic. No seriously, this feline near on had enough with these two. Carmen decided to go for Victor first by launching herself unexpectedly onto him and scratching like a pussy possessed. Mother and son made a dash for it but Carmen was hissing at their heels.Victor made for the bedroom while Rosa tried to herd the beast into the bathroom. After several failed attempts Rosa sprinted to the bedroom too, slamming the door behind. The hapless two had no choice but to ring 911 while Carmen sat screeching outside the door. Twenty five minutes later police and rescuers rocked up expecting to see some friggin bobcat but instead came face to face with Carmen who was still very much pissed.The dramatic standoff ended with Carmen being unceremoniously corralled into her cat carrier. Rosa thinks her kitty’s bad behavior could be linked to a diabetic and thyroid condition diagnosed a few months back. Unable to afford the medication they just let Carmen eat her troubles away.

Psst Carmen will be placed up for adoption after she calms down.

If Carmen only had a Roomba


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10 responses to “Cat Takes Family Hostage

  1. CatGod

    Excellent video, in my cat lovin(don’t even think it) opinion that is… My fat assed cats will hardly move out of the roombas way when it sweeps by…

  2. Ann

    Lol you’re worse than me Loon but yeah bladed are good ! I just threw a handful of jellybeans out in the garden and slowly but surely she’s sniffing them out and getting them stuck in her teeth ,

  3. Susi Spice

    see and people think im weird for not being a fan of cats! 😛 theres ur reason people..theres your reason

  4. love that video. what’s a roomba? Is it some kind of vacuum cleaner?

  5. Lynn

    hilarious the way that cat sits there. once that roomba runs over it’s tail it’s sure to jump off. now that would be a great video too.

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