Congratulations Dumbass Burglar of the Week

Embarrassed much?

A Chinese burglar was left more than red faced when he tried crawling through a small hole in a barn wall. The hole was regularly used by the farmer’s pet dog mainly to steal chickens. The would-be thief had managed to wedge himself so tight in the barn wall he was unable to move. When he was discovered the next morning he was literally blue from the cold and was shivering so badly he couldn’t talk. It took firefighters over half an hour to free the fool. Barn wall 1, dumbassed burglar 0.


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5 responses to “Congratulations Dumbass Burglar of the Week

  1. Hope they didn’t have to cut off any appendages in order to free him!

  2. Looking at the photo, I’m assuming he went in feet first. Either way something so spectacuarly idiotic should be applauded.

    I imagine he’ll doctor the story slightly when he’s in the slammer.

  3. CatGod


    If only all burglars could be this friggin stupid!

  4. noactive

    Congratulations Dumbass Burglar of the Week .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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