Who Told You That?

That ain't no good shit!

Hey boys, here’s the thing, trying to confuse drug sniffer dogs by covering your stash in dog poo doesn’t work! David Vella and Joseph Galea have both been sentenced to just over 4 years jail for attempting to bring $300,000 worth of methylamphetamine and LSD into the Northern Territory from Melbourne. The hapless duo hid the stash in the roll bar of their car and then stuffed dog shit in for good measure to deter the drug dogs from sniffing it out (What, it’s like Nazi Germany there?) . Irony alert. Police pulled them over and found it without the need of a no friggin  pooch…gloves yes, sniffer dogs no!

Psst Stupid is as stupid does!


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5 responses to “Who Told You That?

  1. Lynn

    i wonder what tipped ’em off? the smell maybe?

  2. I don’t think that LSD would have an odor to begin with. But why wouldn’t they just use coffee; I um….heard that works. Dog shit would just attract dogs, and make anyone suspicious. I mean why else would you smell dog shit coming from the roof of a car?

    • Julie

      Coz the dog climbed onto the bonnet, onto the roof, undid the roll bar, crapped in it, did it all up again …. just saying!

      Scott, you sound quite the authority here …. just saying too.

      • Scott knows his shit 🙂

        OK, look at it this way, you wouldn’t see us humans shit in a roll bar to put police off the track, so why think dogs? Dumbass idiots that’s why!

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