Nobody Is Going To Believe Me!

OMG, an 18 year old South African man has been kidnapped by three sex starved women in Chitungwiza and raped in a cathedral. The lucky unlucky man was on an errand to a shopping centre when he was bundled into a car and taken to Harare’s  Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was there he was locked into a room and one of the woman  forced him to have sex with her. It wasn’t until the following morning that the women bundled him back into their car and dumped him at another shopping centre. Teenager 1, cougars 1.


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9 responses to “Nobody Is Going To Believe Me!

  1. This is how I get all my dates.

  2. catladylarew – funny

    i think this is sad…who knows what he caught – only under consent

  3. Ann

    Is is possible to rape a guy, come on tell the truth?

  4. Perhaps these were sex craved Nuns.

  5. Think me and loon are getting our stories from the same source 😆

    I put this up in MadHatters but in all honesty I think it’s a load of bollocks.

    Anyone seriously think a bloke ‘raped’ by a woman is going to go and complain to the cops? I don’t think so !!!

    I’ve heard a variant of this story so many times over the years – although it’s usually a trio of blonde Swedish girls that pull some poor bloke into their car/van and have their evil way with them.

    I suspect this is just some lazy-arsed reporter making up a load of bollocks to fill some column inches on a slow news day.

    Or, some 18 yr old kid has had a one night stand and has concocted this cock and bull story to explain to his girlfriend why he stopped out all night. 🙄

  6. Guess it depends on what the kidnappers looked like.

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