The Sex Is Going To Suck!

Here’s the thing SAL9000, marrying your virtual girlfriend is only going to end in tears. You know the honeymoon will soon be over, she’ll eventually find another a virtual animated character who will understand her needs better. Yeah, I know sex isn’t everything but Nene Anegaski has needs too and lets face it, you just can’t satisfy her like those other animated men. I know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s going to  break your heart and take you for everything you own, including you Nintendo DS. Sorry chum, GAME OVER!
A man in Japan known only as SAL9000 fell in love with a virtual girl named Nene Anegasaki, who he created on the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. So enamored with her ways he decided to take the plunge and marry her in a legal ceremony held in Guam on the weekend. Oh and since she isn’t really real he had to take his Nintendo DS along for the ride as well. The wedding reception will be broadcast live on some website later this week. Good luck with that!

Psst I bet his parents are proud!


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6 responses to “The Sex Is Going To Suck!

  1. Ann

    A virtual daughter in law ain’t so bad Loon just think about it. He could have brought home a Solami or a muslim and mamma would freak

    • Oh how true Ann, plus she won’t have to worry about Christmas or birthday pressies either!

      • Ann

        Never even thought of that lol
        Monica ( the Austrian lol) has the daughter in law from hell and from her she has 3 grandsons. It’s a standard joke among us that one day the mother of these three boys will have three daughters in law, maybe Solami, Muslim or God forbid Croatian and they in turn may give her HELL. . The same hell she has given Monica over the past 10 years. She treats grandparents like unpaid baby sitters even on Sundays so that she can ‘clean up’. Gees maybe she should teach the three buggers to ‘PICK UP YOUR FRIGGIN TOYS’ When we go there it’s like toy town with indulged, spoiled and lazy kids running and ruling the place. Not on my watch they wouldn’t !!
        We can’t wait till they are 10 years older just to see how they treat their parents then. They will be 16, 14 and 11 ten years down the track. What goes around usually comes around.

      • Ah the joys of the X-generation! Bless.

  2. Hey, Sal9000 … William Gibson called, he wants the plot of Idoru back.

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