Kick a Ginger Day


Oh dear, a 12 year old redhead boy who was attacked by  group of school kids may have been a victim of “Kick a Ginger Day”. Damn those Facebook groups and Southpark. Hmm, evidently the Facebook posting urged people to seek out redheads and kick them.


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7 responses to “Kick a Ginger Day

  1. Ann

    Damn those red headed kids lol.
    I have to admit I’m a fan of Southpark.

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  3. About the “kick a ginger day!”

    This is absolutly chocking news to hear that young students beat up other young students because of their red hair! Dont their parents react and how could youngster do such of crime? All this I blame politicians and the media for. All the evilship children and young daily read in the newspaper about hate, rasism, violence play-games and all politicians lies! All this have poisoning the worlds children and young and much of the parents dont even care? What kind of world!

    You young with hate to redheaded! Why do you bear so much hate inside you? Think about it and take a deep look inside your self. Look at the world outside there and instead think about what must be done NOW to stop all the crime and evilship! The world need your love.

    Please write to me about what you think about this “kick a ginger day!”

    Lise Tollefsen Slembe
    Leader of the norwegian organisation HULK
    Help for young in seriouse lifecrises

  4. vexie

    couldnt be more true!

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