Hi Honey I’m Home!

Daddy, don't expect me to change the sheets!

Now there’s devotion for you. A Vietnamese man dug up his dead wife, moulded a bit of clay around the bits that had fallen off , clothed her and placed the remains in his bed. For 5 years he slept with his wife’s corpse because he just wanted to hug her. Originally when his wife died, Le Van just slept on top of his wife’s grave but when it started getting windy, cold and rainy he dug a tunnel to the grave to “sleep with her”. Once his kids found out they friggin freaked and banned Le Van from going back.Next thing they know he’s dug her up and brought her back to the family home.

Psst I hear the sex is the same but the dishes are piling up in the sink!


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4 responses to “Hi Honey I’m Home!

  1. Susi Spice

    LOL@ the Psst note…

    poor man…. i saw a movie like that once it was a thai movie ghost movie… cant remember the name… but they had to go to the head monk of the village who had special powers to bannish the ghost of the wife…

    hmm now where is that magical monk… i know i saw him around here somewhere..

  2. Ann

    Remiinds me of Heathcliffe of Wuthering Heights. Didn’t he dig up Catherine’s grave just to caress her. How romantic was that?

  3. Ann

    That face is scary Loon

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