The Danger of Escalators

As Americans get ready for the friggin “Black Friday” nightmare (aka the after party of Thanksgiving), I thought I’d  give you a  few words of warning. Friggin escalators people, friggin escalators!

Psst Interpretation for non Americans …..”Black Friday” = busiest retail shopping day of the year when people turn into Satan to snatch a bargain (preferably out of someone else’s hands). Doors of retail stores usually open as early as 5am so people can get the stampeding , trampling and grievously bodily harming  over and done with before breakfast.Keeps the staff busy too, sweeping out the dead!


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4 responses to “The Danger of Escalators

  1. I got a concussion just looking at these…

  2. CatGod

    Blahaha! Still laughing at these!

  3. Lynn

    black friday is freakin’ ridiculous and the way american’s behave on this day is downright shameful. it’s the day over-fed, over indulged, self-absorbed, gluttonous americans attack retail outlets for that bargain basement deal on the crap they freakin’ don’t really need.

    one would think it was food and we were an undernurished starving culture! now that i’ve got that off my chest i’ll go watch those flicks. sorry to anyone who was part of this societal debacle.

  4. Lynn

    yes, totally laughed my ass off! i needed that loon!! the first one was the best imo.

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