Those Who Can, Teach, Those Who Can’t Are Criminals

I was young, it was college, I only took a puff!

Of all the dumbassed nanny state ideas! Ofsted want all the estimated 40,000 parents who are teaching their kids at home to undergo a criminal records check. The parents who fall below the line of Mary Poppin’s status should then be barred from teaching their own children (hmm, so can they teach other people’s kids?). So let me get this straight the government is quite happy to have parents with black marks against their names to live under the same roof as their snowflakes , just not during school hours and definitely not if they are teach them ! Brilliant I say, brilliant.Oh hello and now for the bonus round, any parents who fail the checks will be getting some special attention from child protection social workers. Hmm, like shouldn’t that already be happening if they are abusive? Seems like some other gov department ain’t doing their job!


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5 responses to “Those Who Can, Teach, Those Who Can’t Are Criminals

  1. I truly despair for my nation. We have gone totally fecking stupid.

    • It is so true Dave. You should see what they have done to the education system here. Outcomes Based Education (which has failed everywhere around the world) so the dumb kids don’t feel ostracized! They can now get passing grades without having to actually know or understand anything.Oh and exams, they don’t exist anymore! Too much pressure on the little snowflakes. Nothing like dumbing down every friggin child so the less than bright don’t feel bad! PC Nanny State freaks!

  2. Ann

    I’ve always had a thing about parents home schooling their own kids. Hell I have to get out of the house and not sit there all friggin day with them. Before our drama started I worked with interesting people, journos accountants, well some were interesting,. travel agents, teachers and I loved the stimulation of going to work. Imagine the hum drum life you’d have home schooling your kids. Forget it, I’d go crazy. I wouldn’t be allowed to belt them so what good would it be? No, send them off to school I’m no Mary Poppins.

    • I’m with you Ann, and besides how else are they going to learn how much life sucks if they don’t go to school…public school!

      • Ann

        Yeah like I went to in the hills. I can still remember the smell of the lavies. Oh yeah and the lice ridden Beckie Steel with the long black ringlets I got nits of her… bitch! I did love the snowballs from the tuck shop though. Lees used to make them and Macaroon bars as well I can still feel my teeth screaming for mercy.Lol

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