Don’t Move

Ah shit!

You know what I hate? When you visit your son on Long Island for Thanksgiving and you fall neck deep into a friggin cesspool.I really hate that. Eduardo Matos (71) fell into the sewage while walking outside on the lawn.  Mr Matos  said “I was calm . . . If you panic, that shit will suck you right in,”. No shit! He was eventually rescued by his son and daughter. So much for Thanksgiving!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross, Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

20 responses to “Don’t Move

  1. Why are they pooping so close to the house?

  2. How do you think the island got so long?

  3. Lynn

    now that’s a shitty thanksgiving!

  4. Family shit always sucks you in.

  5. Susi Spice

    sounds like he is full of shit…

  6. this whole thread is crappy….

  7. Susi Spice

    where do i find the eggleston wedding you were talking about??

  8. Susi Spice

    oh see i was at dance training for 3 hours last night so i miss all the news on mondays.. ill try search for it

  9. Susi Spice

    ohhhhhh yeah the Eldensten wedding is what was my purpose for posting that other one… you wrote Eggleston! lol i was searching for Eggleston! 😛 der!

  10. Susi Spice

    lol oh dear warwick crapper he is an enigma wrapped in really bad fashion hehe.

    im back babeh!. stupid level 2 ppl they set something on fire..

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