All He Wants For Christmas Is Her Two Front Teeth

So, tell me where did you get those two new teeth from?

Hey lady, what nice teeth you have? All the better to punch your friggin lights outs and steal them! Elena Aronson from Berkeley was riding on a Muni bus when a crazy dude sat next to her staring and muttering things about how beautiful her teeth were… “like the moon and the stars”. Aronson soon decided she’d had enough of his crap and got off the bus only to find herself a few minutes later being picked up off the pavement minus her two front teeth. Story gets a tad worse, by the time her memory of the incident came back (few weeks) police weren’t taking her story too seriously. Crazy deranged man 1, Lady with dentures 0.


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5 responses to “All He Wants For Christmas Is Her Two Front Teeth

  1. CatGod

    Wow, and only the front 2? What a Whacko…

  2. Ann

    Gees all he had to do was ask nicely and she may have handed them over without the fuss.

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