Ten Pin Bowling Is An Extreme Sport in The UK

A friggin death trap!

OMG,after 2 years and £250,000 spent on a study by Health and Safety (HSE) they  have concluded that ten pin bowling alleys are  a very friggin dangerous environment for families! Dear god imagine, little snowflakes running down the lanes and getting trapped in machinery or someone walking down the 60 ft lanes to knock over the pins by hand and getting injured. Geez, it’s a friggin death trap when you think about it, a friggin death trap! Among the recommendations put forward, was for operators to fit photoelectric beams on the lanes so the machines will cut off automatically if anyone, by chance, wanders down the slippery as all get up lanes. Once again I must stop here to point out there is no need for concern,  natural selection will sort out the losers.

Psst I did note there was no mention of the obvious dangers, eg spraining a wrist, hurting your back, slipping on the spilled beer, salmonella from the curly fries…you know, the basic dangers!

2nd Psst When was the last time you heard about someone being squashed by the pinsetting machinery for goodness sakes?


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23 responses to “Ten Pin Bowling Is An Extreme Sport in The UK

  1. you forgot to mention dropping the bloody ball on your tootsies 😳

    H&S should be insisting that bowling shoes be fitted with steel toecaps !!!

  2. I wonder what The Dude would think about all this nonsense?

  3. Julie

    What about the danger of … errr …. not quite getting it right to let the ball go …. losing your balance at the same time ….. and landing belly-flop style down the alley …. they need to pad the lanes up a bit too …..

    (And before anyone asks, I will not admit to being the idiot who entertained the rest of the bowlers).

    • A friend of mine managed to throw the ball down the alley and it ended up knocking down pins in the next lane 😦

    • Julie

      😯 I hope like hell for her sake, they weren’t serious ten-pinners in the next lane …. those dudes can get quite mean when you mess up their game 😳

      • It was a he and yes they were totally pissed. Manager had to reset that round. I just sat their sipping cat piss wine from a plastic cup, chuckling to myself as my curly fries went cold!

      • Julie

        Yeah I’ll bet you were chuckling …. you were probably curled up on the floor! 😆

      • No I didn’t want to draw attention to myself 🙂 . My friends know exactly what I am thinking even when I have a poker face. The art is in not actually reacting but giving them enough to know damn well I am pissing my pants with internal LOLs!

  4. Haha, Turturro was gold in that movie.

  5. How do you think I ripped my ACL? It’s dangerous, I tell you! Dangerous!

  6. Ann

    I think only certain types of people go bowling. People with tinea, people with too much time on their hands and losers.
    Which category do you fit into? I hate the smell of the place, bad feet and oily friggin expensive food. I have to admit that I did go and wouldn’t wear their shoes and they were not happy campers. I told them my feet were rotten with tinea lol. Skin dropping off everywhere.(Not True) I don’t own bowling shoes and I was actually coerced into going by work mates who LOVE it. OMG I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.

    • I agree Ann, I have only ever gone under sufferance but I must admit it is the best place in the world to people watch! It’s where white trailer trash meet cased up bogans. A class lower than ice skating venues 🙂

      • Ann

        Once again I used to go to St Moritz in Melboure with work mates when I was about 16. . The Meat market and I met a friggin wool classer named Lloyd who fell madly in love me . Well what’s not to love? I’m just saying …… At 16 and from Scotland I had no idea what a wool classer actually did as I’d never met any before. I thought he sorted through balls of wool not bales of wool. My bad accent.!

  7. Lynn

    first of all, trippin’ rip IS the dude from the big lebowski. people started telling us this when the movie came out so eventually we had to watch it. they were right. it’s freaky.

    one more thing, my cousin worked at a bowling alley and got his hair caught in the pin chaser, it scalped him on the spot. luckily his hair eventually grew back, just another piece of useless info about my family!

  8. Andy Subandono

    A SUCCESS born not by chance or luck, a true SUCCESS TARGET because cultivated through a clear, mature PLANNING, FAITH, WORK HARD, perseverance and good intentions and sincere.

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