Cell Phone Jamming Is Illegal

Bummer, a church in New Zealand has been fined for using a cell phone jamming system to stop the parishioners interrupting the services with their dumbassed ring tones. Seems the only ones legally allowed to use the device are prisons. Oh I don’t know, something about putting the community in danger.


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11 responses to “Cell Phone Jamming Is Illegal

  1. Wow, I wonder what they were planning to do about the crying baby problem.

    • that would be duct tape…..

      • Ann

        Come on guys didn’t Jesus say, “Suffer the little children to come unto me?”
        I’m I the only believer here? Lol
        I still remember that little song we’d sing at collection time.

        Listen to the the pennies listen while they fall,
        Everyone for Jesus he shall have them all.
        Dropping dropping dropping droppingm can you her then fall?
        Everyone fro Jesus he shall have then ALLLLLLLLLLLL lol
        I used to spend a penny of that money in the lolly shop in the way to Sunday School so he only got 2 pence instead of 3pence. I’d get a some dolly mixtures which where those little musk flavoured lollies and those small chewies in a pack of 4. When I was 6 we got a lot for 1 penny. Didn’t we Duncan?
        My bad

      • not as bad as me !

        I used to spend the whole 3d on sweets and play in the park instead of going to Sunday school. Used to check the time on a big clock in a butcher’s shop so I would know when it was time to go home.

        Was rumbled after a few weeks when the minister grassed me up to my folks – came round our door to see why I hadn’t been attending – Bastard !!! đź‘ż

  2. CatGod

    and the speaking in tongues people… I wish they would quit it… Have you heard them before?

  3. But, what if it’s God calling during the service? They’ll be sorry they did that!

  4. I hear there’s a new paint that supposedly blocks cell signals. It’s not “jamming” so it’s not illegal. Eh, I’ll just stick with tinfoil wallpaper myself.

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