The Things Momma Didn’t Tell Ya

OK, here’s the thing two dudes from Knoxville who put lamp oil in a saucepan and lit it during a power outage, WTF were you thinking. Both sustained burns and smoke inhalation after lighting the pan and it flashed over, burning them and the apartment! Woof! It is believed the men were trying to find an alternative source of light after the power went out.Yeah, well in some ways they got their wish! Now three other tenants have been displaced and 7 units water damaged. They are going to be hell popular when they return!


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14 responses to “The Things Momma Didn’t Tell Ya

  1. Ann

    Ewh ! poor tennants, I mean the other displaced ones. All that water damage. Soggy beds and furniture.

  2. CatGod

    Geez! gettin creepy around here!

  3. CatGod

    Damn it… Okay, when is he showing up? What time? Have I got a few minutes?

  4. Just enough time to hock up a good fur ball.
    Also in TN, another frigginloon, jumped the fence of a power station to rip off some copper, only to get blown off of his feet. Nearby neighbor said she could hear him moaning from inside her apartment. Must be of the same family.

  5. CatGod

    Well, damn… I’m not sure I can type the sound of “hacking up a fur ball?” heeecchhhhhhh! gggrrraaaaaacccchhhh?

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