Cutest Kitten Ever

This would have to be the cutest little kitty you’ll see all day. Surprise!


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16 responses to “Cutest Kitten Ever

  1. Ann

    OMG it sure is! I want that kitty…PLEASE!

  2. Cutest Kitty…most annoying guy.

  3. CatGod

    This is way beyond my cute limit… My cats would eat this cat for dinner…

  4. hisqueen

    very doggies would love to chase that kitty up the nearest tree.

  5. Julie

    I just HAD to come and watch it again … and again … and again 😳


  6. I have always wondered why someone has genetically modified felines to look like kittens. Imagine how many less dumpings there would be over Christmas 😦

  7. S. Le

    Weird and hilarious!

  8. This kitty will have a short life span, me thinks, going catatonic at some vital moment…

  9. Counter Culture Clown

    I figured you’d get this video up. It’s such an epic win.

    It’s more funny if you hear my provided voicework for it. I should re-make the video with voiceovers. I had myself crying from laughing so hard. 😛

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