Sex Change Curse


WTF. A communtiy service announcement to the person in Malaysia who stole the ashes of an African witch doctor, return the friggin flowerpot or you are about to have an involuntary sex change! At du Plooy, who is the grandson of the deceased woman witchdoctor, says he is a medium and that dearly departed granny has put a 1km curse around the pot after it was stolen!  Now, because she is so pissed, the culprit and anyone in that vacinity will gradually change from male to female or vice versa if the pot isn’t returned! Dear god, you can do that (imagine how much money could be saved on surgery…if only!). OK loons, I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t the granny spirit just tell Du Plooy where her ashes are, she’s a witchdoctor he’s a medium right ? That’s what Patrica Arquette would do! Hmm, but Du Plooy said he thought so too, but granny told him she isn’t familiar with the area it was taken to! Fair enough, she is a woman!

Psst Who puts ashes in a flowerpot? Hmm, more to the point, who would steal a flowerpot?


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8 responses to “Sex Change Curse

  1. Du Plooy????
    Ain’t that a Doctor Suess animal?

  2. Ann

    My dad’s second wife put his ashes in a flower pot and that darn rose is a real winner. I always told him he’d be pushing up daisies one day but I was wrong.
    He actually instructed us to take his ashes back to Scotland so he must be really pissed about that. Well his rose of England saw to that didn’t she?.

  3. Who would steal that flowerpot? A trannie who can’t afford the surgery!

  4. I’m sure that the guy who stole the pot just had a misunderstanding. His wife said, “Could you please go out and steal me some pot?” but he thought she said, “Could you please go out and steal me A pot.” It’s the most common cause of witch doctor ash pot stealing in Malaysia today.

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