Epic Cloud Tag Fail

Sometimes it is in the best interest of your company not to put a cloud tag on your customer support forum.


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4 responses to “Epic Cloud Tag Fail

  1. jammer5

    Why? Seems like an excellent idea to me. Somebody hits the forum, they’re ticked off. Talk to em like “We care!”, and get the four letter word vocabulary in ten seconds or less. Give em something to laugh at.

    • Ann

      I can’t imagine the sums of money the marketing people get to think this up.
      Funny thing is I was ticked off with Citibank for hitting me with a late fee which was in fact 6 days early. After two different customer service people and two lots of no no no no no, we will not credit it, I got some dude in India to actually credit the $40.00 back as I paid $ 65.00 instead of $68.00. So for $3.00 they hit me with $40.00. Getting to the point, after we were all satisfied with the outcome and to me being more careful and a promise that I’ll wear my glasses next time we ended the 30 minute call. The very next day I got a call from some research place on, you got it ‘Citibank’. They needed to know on a 1 to 5 scale if I was happy with this that and the other so I gave them a 1 for all. No commonsense in any way shape or form.

      • Blahahaha I get a research person ringing me about once a year on behalf of a bank, that shall not be named. It’s usually around the time they have lost a cheque or I have just been served had Attila the Teller.

  2. Ann

    I also have an investment with Westpac so last time I was there I was greeted with “Hello I’m Judy”. I said that I knew as she’s been serving me now for 9 months lol.
    Gross procedures, they are like robots. The I couldn’t get away from Judy with the flashing Christmas earrings and the Christmas badges a plenty. I could hear the moans and groans of the queue behind me thinking ” WTF” .>

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